Spray Tanning


It’s no secret why millions of people each year are going to Sunless tanning to achieve that perfect bronze glow. It’s the easiest and quickest way to give you a complete makeover in just minutes. We carry the industries top spray tan solution and equipment. We are proud to offer all natural Aviva Labs Spray Solutions. Your custom organic spray tan is applied by a professionally trained and certified spray consultant to insure a perfect application.


Prepare yourself for a Spray Tan Session:

Exfoliate your skin before you go for a spray tan

Your skin has a buildup of dead skin cells on top its top layer. The thicker the layer, the sooner your spray tan will rub off. By exfoliating, you remove the dead skin cells and thus leave a clean canvas for a perfect and longer lasting spray tan. It is important to use either an exfoliating glove or products that don’t contain any oils, otherwise the oily barrier can stop the spray tanning solution getting through.

Don’t wear any deodorant or makeup before Spray Tan.

Many deodorants will stop spray tanning solution going through. Some others will turn the armpits green. Many moisturizers and makeup products can act as a barrier, not letting the full amount of the solution to attach itself to the skin. As soon as you’ve had your spray tan you can apply deodorant and make up.

It is recommended to wear loose clothing after your spray session.

It is best to bring clothes and shoes as loose as possible to wear after your spray tanning session, to make sure nothing rubs off.

Wax or Shave your legs before spray tan.

Shave or wax your legs before your spray tan appointment. Be sure to wash your legs if waxing to remove any wax residue.


How long do I have to wait after spray tanning session before I can take a shower?

We recommend that you wait 8 to 12 hours after spraying to give the DHA enough time to fully set. If you shower earlier, you will diminish the intensity of the tan. When you do shower, the initial tan created by the water-soluble bronzer will wash off, but the DHA will remain and create your long-term tan.

Can I go swimming after Spray tan session?
You should not swim or shower after spray tan session. Swimming in chlorinated water at any time can bleach the spray tan and possibly cause streaking.

Are there ways to enhance the Spray tan results?
Yes. We recommend using the tan extending moisturizers, gel and body wash formulated specifically for our Aviva Labs spray solutions. These products add several days to the life of your tan. You should not apply any moisturizers or lotions to the skin immediately after spraying until the DHA has had time to set.