StewieThe Fabulous Staff of Endless Summer 

jenna3General Manager/Spray Tan Consultant: Jenna Fey

With more than a decade of experience in UV education, sunless tanning information,  products, sales and equipment, Jenna is the right hand of Endless Summer. Jenna is “NTTI” and  “Smart Tan” certified, she is also a trained and certified professional spray tan consultant. Jenna spends time in both salons, she offers her extensive knowledge and warm smile to our clients every visit!


Salon Reception/ Spray Tan Consultant: Rachael Lane
You can find this bronze beauty in our West salon! Rachael is Smart Tan certified…she also holds a certification as a professional spray tan consultant.  Well educated to all lotions and Aviva Labs solutions, Rachael will insure you have perfect tanned and glowing skin! Her warm laugh and charming demeanor, combined with her exceptional skill as a spray consultant will keep you coming back to EST!!

JessSalon Reception and Sales: Jessica Hayes
If you have favorite tanning beds in Manomet and West, you will have the pleasure of the lovely reception of Jessica. Cheerful and kind, Jess can guide you through any tanning or lotion questions with ease and charm. Many years of experience have given Jessica a well rounded knowledge of our equipment and practices.  She will guarantee a flawless visit and send you on your way with a smile on your face!!

KimR Salon Reception and Sales / Spray Tan Consultant: Kim Roderick

Spending her time and talent in our West and South locations, Kim will greet you with a smile, answer your tanning questions with ease, recommend the perfect lotion, then show you how a certified and experienced spray tan tech rolls!!

MonkeySalon Reception and Sales/ Bleach Bright Consultant : Jacob Foster  

Our only male staff member, Jake is a kind, soft spoken ray of sunshine! Jake is well versed in all the beds and lotions and works in the West salon. Jake is educated to bulbs and equipment  maintenance, he is also certified for Bleach Bright to give you a brilliant smile!  Jake will insure your visit to Endless Summer is a laid back and relaxing one!      

 Salon Manager and Reception:  Tara Santheson

Showing our manoment clients lots of love, Tara spends her time and energy reigning over our South location! With several years of experience, Tara is Smart Tan certified and knowledgeable concerning equipment, lotions and EST practices. Kind and compassionate,  Sweet and funny, Tara is sure to keep everyone Tan and Happy!

webjulesSalon Owner / Spray Tan Consultant: Julie Foster
Blessed with a truly exceptional staff, I have the pleasure of residing over Endless Summer Tanning. I am “Smart Tan” and “Bleach Bright” certified, I am also a certified professional spray tan consultant. It’s my great pleasure to work in both salons, getting to know my clients and nurturing my roots in the community every day. I look forward to seeing you soon!